Quick "Whatever" Post

This would be the perfect week to spend all afternoon outside in the hammock. The temperature is 86 and there's just enough breeze to keep things light. Alas. Now, both of my eyes are acting up and I can't even open the windows for fear of them washing off of my face in the waterfall of tears that an allergy to something has created. I suspect it's grasses. We have hundreds of varieties out here on the prairie...

Today, there is one last showing of the house. The woman who looked at it and fell in love with it on Tuesday wants to show it to her husband. It's hard for me to accept that one of the university coaches will be living here. Where for five years the living room has been a haven of classical music and candlelit conversations over wine (with the odd party thrown in), there will be a wide screen TV blaring out sports. We filmed several scenes from a documentary in that living room. In fact, it was filmed all over this house. This house is actually the first home we had as a family, too. Our other house, over on Virginia, was where the kids came to visit us, but this is where they lived. This is where Micah joined us.

We've found a great houseeven better than this oneand the monthly lease is much lower. It has more amenities, and Nettl and I won't have to share the master bathroom with everyone anymore. I won't know what to do with A Bathroom of One's Own... It has a fenced back yard as well and pets are allowed. But best, it's in a real neighborhood. No more AC turbines, generators, or the church using our street as a parking lot on Sundays and Wednesday nights. And we'll have garbage pickup. What a relief! No more trips to the dumpster that's nearly a block away. No more disco ball fireplace... the new house has two wood-burning fireplaces. There's a beautiful pond in the neighborhood, so I can still take walks in a nice area. I'm looking forward to the move now!