Bugger the Stalemate

I know that I shouldn't, but I pay a lot of attention to what bloggers write about other blogs, what they like and don't like, and what they read and don't read. Sometimes these critiques stay with me and sometimes I shrug them off...

I want mine to be a blog that entertains, informs, amuses and gives people something to take with them through the day. Yeah, I know that's pretty idealistic, but is it wrong to aim high? Reading bloggers who criticise other blogs puts me in a mental stalemate. Should I change my blog's tone every time I read another one of these, trying to please everyone? Of course not.

Sometimes, this blog is silly. Sometimes it's philosophical, and sometimes it's just plain boring. My blog represents me as a person, I guessa microcosm/macrocosm thing. I'm not naturally snarky, but I can be cynical. I'm not obsessed with writing about family, but there are times when they tickle the crap of me. I'm not at all political, but sometimes things piss me off, or inspire me.

My blog isn't for everyone, although it's about as faceted as I am and may sometimes seem just schitzo enough to appeal to lots of people. So my take is that if someone doesn't like what they read here, they're under no obligation to come here, or to stay. And I've neither expected nor sought a dedicated readership. The only thing a reader has to know about my blog is that my posts will continue to fluctuate between my innermost thoughts and my humor. That's just me.