The Search Begins

As much as I dread moving (this house has really become home to me and the thought of leaving makes me want to bawl my eyes out), I'm enjoying envisioning our family in different houses and environments.

This evening Nettl and I are going to look at a house that's about two miles from here that has really captured my attention and imagination. It's on a country road, with 10 acres of land and a private pond that has its own little pier. The house itself is only 9 years old and has all the room we need, plus we can have pets...

Romantic that I am, I envision a picnic table surrounded by family and friends, the distinctive slam of a back porch screen door, pitchers of lemonade, my hammock strung up between two old trees, and moonlit walks. I imagine singing John Denver songs and playing my guitar while sitting in a porch swing. I imagine putting in a vegetable garden and planting "grandma" flowers like Hollyhocks and Sunflowers. Hey, I grew up in just such a place, so this bucolic stuff is pretty attractive to me.

I try to imagine no college kids next door, no generators, no AC turbines, no fancy heat and air system, and no "boom-boom" car stereos. I try to imagine having money left over from the rent to actually buy food. Our last day here is the last day of July and I really, really don't want to move, but when the rent takes up an entire month's paycheck, something has to be done.

Of course, if money and family obligations were no object, I'd be moving to Vienna or Ventura, but for now, a house in the country sounds just fine to me.

To change the subject, our friend Alan (Dr. Scott, professor of Music History) is coming over for Easter dinner. That'll be fun. He's always entertaining. Man, I have to make Easter Eggs this weekend!

On yet another subject, I received a tea cozy yesterday that Deni knitted for me. It's so wonderful! I'll post a picture of it over the weekend. Thank you Deni, we LOVE it!!!