2008's Personal Best & Worst

Best Party: Whatever one it was when Ville cleaned and polished the fake vegetables for the videocam.
Worst Party: The one that never happened.

Best Dinner: Thanksgiving.
Worst Dinner: The last Taco Bell we bought...

Best News: The Mozartiana is going up for auction.
Worst News: That Larry wasn't interested in my screenplay due to other projects.

Best Reaction: Making the best of a bad situation in California.
Worst Reaction: My late-night December 23rd jag about my life in general. Poor Nettl...

Best Creative Endeavor: My screenplay/book/whatever the hell it is.
Worst Creative Endeavor: All the pieces I didn't compose due to Thyroidzilla.

Best Blog Entry: Pleasant Valley Sunday
Worst Blog Entry: How Come?

Best Casual Get-Together: An impromptu evening at Ville's.
Worst Casual Get-Together: The one we didn't get to do the weekend after Thanksgiving because Lashell hurt herself, and Joel had just gotten out of the hospital.

Best Physical Feat: Decorating our bedroom.
Worst Physical Feat: The night I hit my head on the center island table corner and literally saw stars.

Best Neighbors: The students who moved in next door.
Worst Neighbors: None, at last!

Best Web Feat: Finishing a website for a client in 23 hours.
Worst Web Feat: Getting a trojan that crashed my laptop's hard drive.

Best Moment of Pride: Micah composing, recording, and producing his CD.
Worst Moment of Embarrassment: Still the will, sad to say.

Best Moment of National Pride: The night that Obama won the election.
Worst Moment of National Embarrassment: McCain & Palin. 'Nuff said.

Best Laugh: The night (3:00 am) when we morphed into an old Jewish couple, and then laughed at how silly we were being.
Worst Cry: December 23rd.

Best Picture:

Worst Picture:

2007's Personal Best & Worst


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