2007's Personal Best & Worst

Best Party: Last year's New Year's Eve Rat Pack party.
Worst Party: The one that never happened. We really need to have more in the coming year.

Best Dinner: Prime rib with all the trimmings.
Worst Dinner: Fish sticks and tater tots...

Best News: That I was inheriting a minimum of 2-million dollars.
Worst News: That my eccentric uncle gifted it all out before his death and that there was only enough in the will to cover his final expenses.

Best Reaction: Keeping my cool and remaining calm and understanding during a crisis with a family member.
Worst Reaction: Falling apart at the seams when I learned about the will.

Best Creative Endeavor: Beginning a screen adaptation of my book.
Worst Creative Endeavor: Beginning and abandoning a string trio.

Best Blog Entry: "A Certain Feeling".
Worst Blog Entry: "This Train".

Best Casual Get-Together: The night Geor3ge & Noelle came over for dinner during their brief visit to Stillwater.
Worst Casual Get-Together: When Jacey got to spend only 45 minutes with us because she got an emergency call and had to take her mother to the hospital.

Best Physical Feat: Making it through the roller coaster ride of the will without being sent into a thyroid storm.
Worst Physical Feat: Falling in a sinkhole in the front yard and breaking my elbow.

Best Neighbors: The 5 students who moved in next door.
Worst Neighbors: The people across the street with the obnoxiously loud car stereos.

Best Web Feat: Finally getting rid of the person who has stalked me for the past 7 years.
Worst Web Feat: Getting that stupid worm that sent emails out to everyone in my address book.

Best Moment of Pride: Feeling like a millionaire for a week.
Worst Moment of Embarrassment: Making an ass of myself at Ville's birthday party, then coming home and breaking my elbow in that damned sinkhole.

Best Laugh: The "Feckin' Ball o' Yarn" songand all the resulting jokeson St. Patrick's Day at Ville's house.
Worst Cry: Again, the will.

Best Picture:

Worst Picture: