How Come?

So Nettl bought me some Oscar Mayer Lunchables for work. Because I don't drive to work and there's nowhere to eat out here (except El Tapatio), I've been bringing "snacky" things for lunch.

These things are great because I don't have to stand in the kitchen early in the morning slicing stuff with sharp "implements of destruction" when I'm bleary-eyed and half-asleep.

But I have one question. Why did they give an extra slice of turkey? Shouldn't there be the same number of cheese, turkey and crackers?


  1. Or else it mean they shorted me one cracker and one slice of cheese. Kind of a variation on the glass being half-full or half-empty.

  2. Lunchables? Great god almighty, Steph. There's gotta be something better. Bag of peanuts, bowl of ramen, fucking pocket lint. Lunchables are to a real nutritious lunch what plastic fruit is to a real nutritious lunch.

  3. Or else they've outsourced the packing jobs and this is a way for the company to save some bucks.

    Try packing some of that tuna in the foil pouch and some crackers - that's gotta be better than Lunchables.

  4. In a world where hot dogs are packed in tens and hot dog buns in eights, what else could we expect?

  5. Joe: You'll be pleased to know that today I brought real crackers, Swiss cheese and Ham. I even brought some apple juice, too.


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