Selective Insomniac

"The best-laid plans of mice and men..." or something like that.

So my plan to go to bed early every night for a week lasted exactly one night. Each night I have been staying up just a little longer, and last night I was up until nearly five this morning. Please don't think that I'm a victim or anything. I could go to bed if I really wanted to. It would mean a fistful of OTC sleeping aids, tossing and turning, and trying to shut off my thoughts for a couple of hours, but eventually, I'd wear myself out. Then I'd sleep until one or two in the afternoon, sore and achy from sleeping in the same position all that time, and I'd be groggy and grumpy until everyone else has gone to bed. What's the sense in that? Much better not to fight it and allow my body to keep to its own clock.

I'm fortunate that I work from home running my own business. I remember the hell that was my life when I was still part of the Commute Group. I feel for you, people, and I know how it is for you 8-5 insomniacs. I remember those lunch hour naps in my car. It also helps that there are no children in the house any more; I can nap when I feel the urge without worrying about the kids wreaking havoc to the house or each other.

Work to do... work to do... Have a great day, all!