The Christmas Coffee Ghost

Last Christmas I got up to make the coffee and found that someone already had. No one except Nettl was awake, so I naturally assumed that she'd done it. She said she didn't, so I asked Joel when he came out of his room. He assured me he'd only just woken up. There was no light under Micah's door, so he wasn't even up yet, and the younger kids were still sawing logs as well. I thought it was odd, but I shrugged it off as just one of those things...
This morning, as I still lay under the covers, I mumbled into my pillow that I had to get up and make the coffee, but didn't want to. About 10 minutes later I pulled my tired ass out of bed and stumbled downstairs. The coffee was busy perking in the pot. Again, I assumed Nettl had made it, but when? She was still in bed, too. I asked Joel, but he said that he didn't even know how to make coffee in the new percolater. The girls are gone, having left early this morning to spend the day with their dad and brother, and again, Micah was still asleep.

This only happens on Christmas morning. It's puzzling, but oh, so cool. Thank you, whoever you are!

(And, no. Our coffeemaker doesn't have a timer.)


  1. What a lovely Christmas ghost!!! Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  2. It's the Ghost of Coffees Past!! hahahaha

  3. Now that's the Christmas spirit!

  4. I say it is the "Promise of Great Coffees Yet to Come"! Lucky you. :-)

    Merry Christmas!

  5. Cute story. Too bad it does not get delivered in bed.


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