Weekend Desecrations

On Saturday, we desecrated our house for the Holidays. Okay, so we decorated... you know how I love wordplay. Here are a few pictures.

Nettl actually stood on the bar to get this picture.
Scared the crapola out of me; these are 9-ft. ceilings.

This is the niche in our entry.

The cat completely owns Heather, who is, after all, "The Can Opener".

Ornaments on the tree. The heart is the one we bought for our first
Christmas together. On the backside is written, "Steph & Nettl 2000".

The cat discovered that a plastic bag is a reasonable facsimile
for the womb. She must have gone through 6 or 7 bags that night!

This is Joel and me. Our main job has always been to put
the lights on the tree. Every year it's the same thing: tangles!

Go to Nettl's site to see more pictures!


  1. We've accumulated a lot of decorations over the years. Fortunately we've taken good care of them. Added to our collection are the decorations that belonged to my mother that were passed down to me after she died, several years ago. Christmas was her favorite holiday, so she had a lot of pretty decorations to pass on.

  2. everything is soooo pretty...I love Christmas

  3. I had two glasses of red wine, but basically, we can't afford booze right now.



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