This Says it All

Congratulations Mr. President. Congratulations America!

His face shines with triumphant light, with faith and dreams and pride,
His heart beats with a fervent hope for all he feels inside.
He says that we are better than fear and hate and spite,
As he holds out hope for all of us to conquer might with right.

And he's going back to Birmingham to reclaim what he's lost,
He never minds the danger and he never counts the cost;
He carries on the torch of hope, although the flame's been tossed,
Yes, he's going back to Birmingham, the road already crossed.

Her son has never known the hate upon dark hearts ingrained,
She would not have him learn that now after all that she has gained;
A daughter of the storm's recess, her hope now swells unchained,
As she teaches him to fully live the freedom that's remained.

And she's going back to Birmingham to reclaim what she's lost,
She never minds the danger and she never counts the cost;
And she still dares to have the hope upon her heart embossed,
Yes, she's going back to Birmingham, the road already crossed.

Our voices rise in one accord, "Equality for all!"
We will not trip or stumble, we will not shun the call;
Marching on the Freedom Trail with hope that will not pall,
Believing that the path we forge will lead to peace for all.

And we're going back to Birmingham to reclaim what we've lost,
We'll never mind the danger and we'll never count the cost;
And we still dare to dream the dream whose flame will not be tossed,
Yes we're going back to Birmingham, the road already crossed.

Going Back to Birmingham © 2008 S.K. Waller


  1. It's been a long time since I've been this happy! :)

  2. I throw my arms around you... now, let's dance. We did it!

  3. Theres hope for this country after all.Maybe the rest of the world will like the US again.
    Congats Obama! Don't let us down.

  4. Smiling in Ohio: We did it again! We picked the winner! (Not that I'm oroud of the last winner we picked.)

    His speech was excellent!!! I was especially impressed with the introduction before his speech: The next first family of the United States . . .

  5. YaY!!! Happy days are here again!!

  6. I'm still drunk and still weepy (with joy). so many levels of history here to appreciate!

  7. Can't stop smiling and wiping the tears...we did it!!! Us poor slobs have spoken!

  8. It's 7:00 a.m. November 5th and I've slept, but I'm still pinching myself and going through bouts of weeping!

    OMG!!!! WE. DID. IT!

  9. YeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeHAAAAwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!

    **doing the dance of life**

  10. And it's a big enough margin that we can be pretty sure there won't be any court challenges.


  11. Got a Sam Ccooke youtube featured over at my place you might enjoy Steph...


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