Outside of about 12 hours dedicated (in increments) to a client's site, all I did was laugh this weekend. After almost 10 years together, Nettl and I still bust each other up over stupid things. This weekend was a laughing one; we even woke up in the middle of the night and laughed. We never get Trick-or-Treaters, so it was a quiet night, apart from the laughing.

On Friday night, we watched The Shining. Funny, it was so scary when it came out in 1980. Now, all I noticed was the bad acting, Shelly Duvall's incongruous Texas accent (she's supposed to be from Vermont), and the terrible dialogue...

On Saturday, we were both hit with a stomach bug that made us feel bloated and achy, but it resulted in a lot of rude noises that kept us laughing throughout the siege, making it easier to bear. Don't know what that was all about. Whatever it was, it hit us and hung around the rest of the weekend. It also gave us some sinus trouble, so we were blowing from both ends. I'm sure you've been waiting to read that.

We went to Perkins for brunch yesterday. If you don't know, Perkins is like a Denny's with a 45 minute wait between ordering and actually receiving your food. We weren't there for service, however, and we spent the time laughing. We were rewarded for our good humor with coupons that brought our ticket down by nearly 40%. Laughter isn't good only for physical health, apparently.

Man, it was a great weekend.

I saw a National Geographic special a number of years ago about a tribe in Africa whose term for making love is "laughing". The special was called "Women Who Laugh". I think that's about the loveliest thing that I've ever learned about my fellow human beings.

This morning, I dreamed that I was jamming with Donovan, George Harrison, and Aretha Franklin. At the end of the dream I was playing a Bonnie Raitt song ("No Business") while Aretha sang. At one point I looked at her and exclaimed, "My God, I'm accompanying a Great!"