Taking the Day Off

While I cannot (indeed, do not want to) take a day off from being a parent, partner, and provider, I've decided that today I'm taking a day off from the following:

Worrying, caring what people think, being the chores cop, knowing it all, playing Gandhi, putting out fires, answering my phone, handling details, multi-tasking, working it out, holding it in, sucking it up, planning ahead, solving problems, being a cheerleader, saying the right thing, being diplomatic, being Super-Everything, putting everyone else first, trying to be a saint, making the bed, remembering past failures, mentally and emotionally flogging myself, and worrying about other people's problems.

Today, I'm staying in my pajamas and taking a rest from all that. If I've learned anything at all in my life, it's that these things will always be waiting there until the next day. Sod it!