The Gift

In my last post I wrote a little bit about this figurine Ville gave me for Christmas back in (I think) 1988. Neither of us had much money in those days, nor were we into expensive gifts. I went to the Camarillo Pic 'n Save and found this piece for $2.89. Given our weird bond with Wolfgang and Nannerl Mozart, this seemed like the perfect gift.

Before Christmas, I went to her house in Oxnard, some 10 miles or so away, to exchange gifts with her. As we stood in her mom's living room, we handed each other our gifts and began opening them. That's when we busted up laughing. We'd gotten each other the same gift.

Her mom, who was standing there, said, "Well, I guess we all know where you two shopped!"

This little $2.89 figurine has only increased in value to me over the past 20 years; I wouldn't trade it for the most expensive gift in the world!