A Saturday Meme

Willow was tagged with a meme last week that I snagged, thinking it would be an easy Saturday write. From what I gather, all I have to do is write something about myself in regard to certain subjects. Because tagging you guys has become a tricky thing, feel free to snag this yourself, if you feel so inclined...

Clothes Shop
I'm not a clothes person. I don't like shopping, and now that I've gotten older, I couldn't care less about fashion. If I have to buy something for myself, I like going to Ross or consignment stores, where I can find "hippy dippy" things. If I had my way, I'd have a closet full of kurta sets from India. I also like Levi 501s and rugby shirts. When I have to dress for a concert, or the opera, or a nice dinner, I like basic concert black: black slacks, blouse, and jacket.

Furniture Shop
Yeah, I could spend some money on furniture if I had it. I don't like showroom suites though, I prefer miss-matched reproductions, usually in the late 18th century/Empire style. I like classy funk, and Shabby Chic just makes me want to get out the paint cans. In our powder room is a lovely little Hooker sink vanity that pretty much sums up my style. Just throw in an antique lamp with a fringed shade and some antique chotchkies and that's me.

Food-wise, I've never been into sweets, so I'll apply the word elsewhere. I love sweet-natured people for their gentleness and compassion. Unfortunately, these are the very people who so often get trampled, used and abused. When I meet a truly sweet person (not obsequious or superficially cloying), my protective instincts flare and my usual easy-going nature changes.

One half of me envisions living the city life in some metropolitan center like Vienna, Toronto, London, or Boston, and the other half craves a few acres in the country, a cabin in the mountains, or a seaside cottage. One life is not enough, nor is it long enough. If I were faced with having to make a snap decision, however, I'd choose an apartment in Vienna.

I used to love recreational drinking. Actually, I still do, but I can't do it like I used to due to my health. Sitting in a room drinking wine with friends is one of life's great joys, but I fear my days of that are over. Once in a while I can let go a little, but I pay for it later. Still, I can make two or three glasses stretch like nobody's business.

I could write all day about music because I'm a musician. I can't say that I like all styles of music, but I can appreciate the best of any of them. I tend to like artists more than styles though, and I have no patience for people who issue broad statements like, "I hate Country music". One time back in the 80s, someone said to me, "I hate opera!" to which I replied, "Really? How many operas have you seen?" Their reply was, as I predicted, none. When I took them them to see Mozart's Le Nozze di Figaro, they absolutely loved it. I detest musical bigotry; like with food, I'm open to try anything so that I can develop my tastes. I have to add though, that music isn't only something I listen to, enjoy, or create. It is at the foundation of my being and that without it, as the saying goes, life would be a mistake.

I never used to watch television (I didn't even have one for years), but then my health took a turn and I wasn't able to be busy doing things all day. Since then, I've grown to accept the machine a little better and I have certain stations I enjoy, like PBS, the Travel Channel, the Food Network, and HGTV (although I like the last one a lot less since it has become more like the Real Estate and Slip-Shod, Cheesy Decorating Channel). I'd love the History Channel, but there's very little history on it in favor of trucks, machines, and Hitler. I listen to music when I work sometimes, but it distracts me (I'm a composer and my brain starts working when music is on), so TV is better background noise for me.

I've never really been into movies; I only see those that really grab my attention, and those are mostly period films. Theaters are too expensive, so I enjoy watching movies at home. I like indy and foreign films, and those that are artsy-fartsy or off-the-wall. But, as in music, I don't like weird for the sake of weird. Don't try to impress me with your "genius", impress me with your subject matter.

I love coffee, but I'm not into all the flavors and trendy crap. Give me Folgers, medium strong, with one healthy sugar in it. Don't bother me with the yuppie routine.


  1. This was fun! I especially like what you said about musical bigotry.

  2. A new perspective on you, Steph! I liked it!!!

  3. This was fun! I especially like what you said about musical bigotry.

  4. A new perspective on you, Steph! I liked it!!!


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