Our Local on the 8s

As you no doubt know, today is the 8th day of the 8th month in the year 2008. It's supposed to be a big deal of some kind. For one thing, the Olympics begin in China today, and for another, in China the number 8 is supposed to be very auspicious. Apparently, couples are turning out in record numbers to be married on this day. What everyone keeps avoiding is that 2 in the year. 2008? Doesn't that kind of change the "purity" of the whole 8-8-8 thing?

While at the wine bar the other night we decided to have a little get-together here at our house tonight and call it "Our Local on the 8s" (you know, like on the Weather Channel?). It's just a BYOB affair, the start time being 8:08 pm. If you know where we live, you're invited!

Any excuse to drink with friends...