Getting Up Close

A couple of years ago I did this and people seemed to enjoy it. Below are six photographs that were taken with an electron microscope. They are all rather ordinary things and none are bacteria, microbes, etc., although two are part of something living. Click to embiggify...

Hint: Made by a living creature that is
feared by most.
Hint: Most of us use this combination
every day.
Hint: We use less of this than we used
to, but there's still a lot of it around.
Hint: A blast from the past.
Hint: Flitting lazily on a summer day.
Hint: This one's the hardest, so I'll tell
you that it's something that appears
on everyone. No need to get the
particular body part correct.


  1. Number 1 is a spiderweb.

    Number 2 is table salt.

    Number 3 is asbestos.

    Number 4 is ???

    Number 5 is a bumblebee.

    Number 6 is hair.

    And I'm using the word "is" even though I'm sure I didn't get any of these correct.

  2. #1: Correct!
    #2: Only half of the duo.
    #3: Incorrect
    #4: ?
    #5: Incorrect
    #6: Incorrect

  3. #1: spiderweb
    #2: salt and pepper
    #3: paper
    #4: tie-dyed fabric?
    #5: butterfly wing
    #6: mites??

    This is fun!! The electron microscope is amazing - some photos from it are art. Others, though, are scary as hell: for example, most viruses look like something from outer space (and maybe they are - who knows?).

  4. Kathy:

    #1: Correct!
    #2: Correct!
    #3: Correct!
    #4: Incorrect
    #5: Correct!
    #6: Incorrect

  5. I've not a clue what #4 is, but it sure is a nifty pattern.

  6. I have no idea what #4 is! Is #6 hair follicles?

  7. Or #4 could be magnetic recording tape.

  8. You got #4, Kathy. Great going!

    Only one left is #6.

  9. I see the answers here in the comments, so I won't cheat! They are amazing.

  10. 1.) Spiderweb
    2.) Salt and Pepper
    3.) Paper
    4.) A bit of magnetic tape? 8 track? I thought it might be a record, but the grooves would be HUGE in an electron microscope, you can see them with your own eyes...
    5.) Hair?
    6.) Skin

  11. Tinker and Ville are so close that I'll tell you what #6 is.

    Sweat on a finger.

    You all got the others! Cookies for everyone!


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