Is It Friday Already?

Seems like every week Friday comes a little sooner. I can't believe how time flies. And every year it flies a little faster. Cliché, but true.

A friend once told me that the rate at which time passes is relative to the heart rate. That time seems to pass more quickly as we age because our hearts slow down. This makes sense to me, and makes we wonder if it also means that an animal 's life, say a cat's life, seems as long to them as ours does to us. It's all relative anyway.

Speaking of the time and flying, did you ever stop to consider that flying somewhere on a commercial jet is really nothing more than sitting in a long, silver waiting room? Ever since an old friend of mine told me that, it comes back to me when I fly, and then I start getting bored. Now I've passed it on to you. Thanks a lot, huh? Can you imagine being stuck in a Social Security Office the size of an aisle at Walmart, with screaming kids for 12 hours? God, don't you just hate me now?

Have a great Friday. Hope you're not flying anywhere for the weekend.