Action Verbs & Incessant Noise

The only thing worse than action verbs before I've had my first cup of coffee in the morning is action. I don't know why, but I woke up this morning knowing something was wrong. Maybe it was because I didn't get to sleep until after 5:00 am. Maybe it was Heather waking me up about an hour later by talking to her mom on the landing outside our bedroom door. Maybe it was the steady drone of the AC turbine out side, the one that never turns off, regardless of the temperature. See? I try to sleep one night without ear plugs and this is what happens. I finally just got up and went downstairs to make the coffee...

Ah! Someone else had already made it! I was so grateful! I got a cup, measured sugar into it and began to pour. Hm. Why is it barely dribbling? The pot is full. I felt it. It was cold. It had turned off mid-cycle. I messed with it a while, jiggled the cord, reset the outlet on the wall and still, nothing.

I knew what this meant and I wasn't happy. I only bought this coffeepot on August 5th. I have bad coffee karma, I guess. I went upstairs and looked in the bathroom mirror and realized that I couldn't go out to exchange the coffeepot until I showered and washed my hair, so, grumbling all the way, I did my thing, then left. The exchange was easy. I was smart this time. Knowing my luck with coffeepots and coffeemakers, I'd stowed the receipt in the box and put it in the garage. The lady gave me an even exchange and I brought the new one home.

Everyone in the house was intimately concerned, even the non-coffee addicts. Nettl called me as I was driving home, wanting to know what happened because Lauren had called her after I left. Joel came downstairs looking all guilty because he'd been the one to so kindly make the coffee. I assured him it wasn't anything he did and that I suspected it was the cord/connection on the pot. Micah, who never talks before his second cup, came out and joined in. I really appreciate everyone's concern and I really apologize for snapping at you. It's the action verbs you know, and having to be sociable and putting out fires before I'm awake. Well, and yet another broken coffeemaker within two weeks.

And now for the other thing. The AC turbines. Yeah, I know you're probably tired of hearing about this, but I have to give you a clear idea of the noise levels here now.

This is the old AC, considerately tucked behind a fence and set to turn off when the temperatures drop below 75. I don't like it coming on every summer, but I've gotten used to it.

This is the new AC. No fence, never turns off, and making my life a living hell. Now that it's gotten cooler I'd like to turn our AC off and open some windows. No can do, unless I want to feel like I'm living on the tarmac of an airport terminal.

This puts it all into perspective.

Surely there are noise ordinances or something. I know they're not going to take the new one out, but can't someone make them enclose it or just reset the thermostat? The quality of life has suddenly deteriorated around here and I have a constant, never-ending headache due to the noise.

That's all, I guess.