Coffee Gremlins

What in hell happens between 1:00 in the afternoon when the coffeemaker switches off and 10:30 the next morning when I turn it back on? Do rival coffeemakers send their gremlins out during the night to break these contraptions?

My parents used the same Sunbeam percolator for over 25 years and it never -- I repeat, never-- broke down. They eventually retired it for a drip coffeemaker, but they kept it on hand in case they needed it...

This morning (HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOEL!) I went downstairs as usual and made the coffee. I then came back upstairs as usual to check my email. When I went down to get my first cup as usual, nothing. Nada. Not usual. Guys, this was a nice, not cheap, coffeemaker that I bought only about six weeks ago. Pissed, I threw on some clothes, ran a comb through my hair and went out to the closest place that sells small appliances and looked at what they had. For the same price as a drip machine (that would probably break down within the year (If I'm lucky!), they had shiny, homey, Farberware percolators.

"What the hell?" I thought. "I'm sick of those dripping pieces of crap!" (It's a tragic irony that you find out about your broken coffeemaker in the morning before you've had a cup of coffee...)

To tell the truth, I think the coffee tastes better. It's clearer, less muddy. We'll see.