When Only a Bullet List Will Do

We have arrived at the most confounding days of the year, that is, those four days that are wedged between Boxing Day and New Year's Eve. I say confounding because, for the better part of this week, I'll never really know what day it is. Well, I've always maintained that it's good for us to sometimes lode our illusion of control, and always having to know the day is just one of those. If losing track of the days is difficult for you, try this little stab at control. I give you a bullet list:

  • This morning I awoke to coffee and biscotti. Am I not the most fortunate of spouses?
  • The little snowman across the street lost his gloves in the wind last night. I can see them lying on the ground; I hope the couple who built him will put them back on him. He looks cold!
  • We were going take our decorations and tree down yesterday, but we just weren't in the mood. We'll have to do it this evening, I think, because the tree is past being dead and I have a New Year's Eve party to get ready for.
  • The snow is melting very, very slowly, which is fine with me. It still looks really pretty out there and it makes the crazy drivers slow down when they're making the corner on which our house sits.
  • Our cat, Lowrider, has a bad case of cabin fever. She wants to go outside so badly that she sometimes knocks things over trying to get to the windows. I keep opening the door for her, but she just looks up at me as if to say, "Are you feckin' buts? I'm not going out there!"
  • Our yearly Christmas music marathon wasn't so bad this year. I found a station on Live365 called Peaceful Christmas that played a combination of elevator and Windham Hill music that we really enjoyed. I admit that I can take only so much of the Vienna Boys Choir and the von Trapp Family. And hymns? Forget it. One more O, Holy Night and I'll go mad.
  • Our New Year's Eve party this year will have no theme (did I already tell you this?), but I'll be playing music of the 1960s, '70s and '80s, thanks again to Live365. Decorations will be kept at a minimum and cleanup will be a breeze.
Okay, enough for now.