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Do you remember a little while back when I said Addios, Firefox? Well, I've said hello again. Seems they've gone back to the previous version or something, because it's now working perfectly, exactly as it did before they added all the crap that made it unusable on my laptop...

I don't even pretend to understand all this browser crap, but I do know that they added automatic thises and thatses without asking me, and the result was, well, I threw them over for Google Chrome. I like Chrome, and I'm keeping it, but I'm just more familiar with Firefox. Now, if I could just work out the issue with the latest Javascript not being compatible with Vista.

According to the website I linked to last week, the Rapture is slated to happen sometime within the next 12 hours (they claim it's going to take place before 11:47 pm CST). This is handy for me, because I haven't yet done my Christmas shopping and it sure will make the lines at the stores shorter. In fact, I should be able to breeze in and out with no problems at all, being that I live in the buckle of the Bible Belt. I have to worry what's going to happen to known Born Again-run places like Hobby Lobby and Chic-fil-A, though. If I went and just took stuff, would it be looting? I mean, they're never coming back, so what's the harm?

Lauren is on her way to France today. Hope the pilot isn't a Born-Again. She'll be enjoying Christmas in Dijon and New Year's Eve in Zurich. Our kid, the jetsetter!

Every year on January 1st I post an entry called Best and Worst of the Year, and last night I started working on the list for 2009. Man, this has been a boring year where my blog entries are concerned. I'll be making a New Year's resolution to start writing better ones. It was a tough year for me, though, one of the toughest. I'm anticipating 2010 being much, much better. Especially considering the Rapture of the Bible Bangers tonight.


  1. One of the things that happened with Firefox was that good ol' Microsoft added stuff to FF when upgrading Windows. The nerve! It's fine for them to fiddle with their own software, but leave the rest alone. The first time they did it, I found out how to remove it (you couldn't just use the regular way to delete an add-on). The last time MS added something, FF gave me a message that said it had been added and would I like to delete it. Yes, please.

    I've tried Chrome, but I couldn't get it to work the way I want it to. I like to have the browser take up as little space as possible on my screen. With FF, I've got all sorts of stuff all on one line.

  2. I really rely on the web developer toolbar, too. Glad to have that back!

  3. Thank you so much for making me laugh out loud with the bible thumper talk.

  4. Sue, living in the buckle of the Bible belt, we have plenty of Bible banger fodder! It can be a bit interesting around here, to say the least.

  5. In answer to the questions about what they do with the crappy websites when the date passes - they change the date. The Crapture site that Steph is looking at is probably the one I use to gauge whether or not I should buy green bananas has had at least three dates since September. AS well as being a complete dimwit this guy is the world's worst web designer.

  6. I sorely needed that laugh, Badger. Danke sehr!


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