A Quiet Boxing Day - Scrabble Maybe?

As I sit here in bed, looking out of the bay windows, all I see is white! We had quite a blizzard on Christmas Eve that really gave everyone (in our house anyway) the Holiday spirit. It's still pretty cold out there, but it's warmer than it was yesterday at this time. The last time we had a white Christmas here was in 2000, when Micah came down to visit and got snowed in. The only thing that the snow botched up was that Nathan couldn't spend the holiday with us; he was snowed in down in OKC and couldn't get up here.

One of the things I enjoy about living downtown, is that regardless of the weather, people walk around outside, carrying bags back from stores, walking their dogs, or just playing in the snow. At our other house, we were stuck out away from everything and never saw anyone.

The next thing is our annual New Year's Eve party. We're not doing a big deal this year, just a casual get-together with friends, with food, drink and music, and some fun. I usually have a theme (last year was a Tiki Bar theme), but everyone's just too worn out from the cares and hassles of the year.

So another one's in the can. Whew! I love Christmas, but I'm always glad when it's over!