The Stockings Were Hung 'Round the Cottage With Care

If you remember, in our other house we had a big, beautiful fireplace and hearth. Well, it was one of those electric fireplaces that have no fire in them (basically just light bulbs refracting off of some weird junk in a rolling cannister). But the mantle and surround were gorgeous and we always enjoyed decorating it for the holidays.

Our cottage has no fireplace, so we've had to make do. Yesterday I came up with the idea of hanging our stockings on our bedroom doors, and it looks great! We're actually enjoying this house more, because a cottage can handle a little whimsy, where the other house was just too elegant for that kind of thing...

Nettl's and mine.
Heather, Lauren & Nathan. These had to be hung on the laundry room
doors (in the wine room) because the kids no longer live at home.
Here's a bonus picture of Nettl and Lowrider napping on the sofa.