How I Spent My New Year's Eves

It's funny how things are in different places. I've spent New Year's Eves in California, New York, Colorado, and London, and if I had my choice of where to spend this year's special night, I'd choose California. Oklahoma people are so darned serious about life. Everything is wrapped around job, family, and church, and friendships are usually rooted in one of those three institutions. People get old fast here, something I fight with all of my strength. Once you're married, fun with friends flies out the window unless it's the occasional barbecue...

Outside of Ville's Halloween parties every year, Nettl and I have only been invited to one other party in the 9 years we've lived here. And that one was Halloween as well. I'm not counting the yearly Christmas party with the Stillwater Chamber Singers because that's a group thing that's open only to members and their spouses. I guess the college kids have parties. I mean, I hear the music in the summertime, but friends inviting friends over just to hang out? It doesn't happen. Getting people to come to a party is like pulling teeth, too. They're tired, or they don't feel like going out, or they've planned to stay in and watch TV.

I guess I'm just feeling a little sad because it looks like no one will be coming to our yearly party this year. Dr. Kielbasa may be back in town in time and Jacey said she'll be stopping by, but Ville has to work that night as well as the next morning, so it looks like it'll be Nettl, Joel, Micah, Heather, and myself. We'll have a great timewe always dobut it's New Year's Eve for crapsake; I like kicking off the new year with my friends. I miss my old friends and I miss making new ones. Of course, I understand that the weather is a factor this year. The roads are still a mess from the blizzard last weekend and we're expecting more snow tonight.

So in honor of all of my New Year's Eves (happy or otherwise) here's a list of how I spent them from the year that I turned 21:

1972:  Played a gig in Sylmar.
1973:  Played a gig in Ventura.
1974:  Stayed home.
1975:  Played a TV gig.
1976:  Clubbing in Ventura.
1977:  Hosted a party.
1978:  Clubbing in London.
1979:  Partied at home.
1980:  Clubbing in Camarillo.
1981:  Hosted a party.
1982:  Clubbing in Camarillo.
1983:  Invited to a party in Ventura.
1984:  Clubbing in Santa Maria.
1985:  Invited to a party in Ventura.
1986:  Hung out with friends.
1987:  Invited to a party in Ventura.
1988:  Hosted a party.
1989:  Hosted a party.
1990:  Hosted a party.
1991:  Invited to a party in Oxnard.
1992:  Hosted a party.
1993:  House sat for Ville and drank alone with the dog and several cats.
1994:  Party cruise in New York City.
1995:  Partied at Ville's.
1996:  Clubbing in Ventura.
1997:  Hosted a party.
1998:  Hosted a party.
1999:  Stayed home.
2000:  Hosted a party.
2001:  Hosted a party.
2002:  Stayed home.
2003:  Hosted a party.
2004:  Hosted a party.
2005:  Hosted a party.
2006:  Hosted a party.
2007:  Hosted a party.
2008:  Hosted a party.

Here are a few pictures from some of those years:

Me & my champs - 1989
Me with Manu - 1990
I spank myself while Ville & unknown guy watch - 1991
Bill, me, Lauren, Netttl, Ville, Heather, Joel, & Micah - 2006
Dr. Kielbasa & Nettl - 2007
Micah - 2008

Wise readers know to ask no questions...
UPDATE: Dr. Kielbasa got back last night and will be here. Yay! Our parties never begin until he walks in the door!