Thinking-Impaired Creep

I think I'm okay until I find myself doing something that I know better than to do... or until I attempt a sentence like that one and am not sure if it came out all right. (Why isn't there a contraction for "am not"? What would it be, am'nt?) It's not until I do something like I did last night that I'm pret-ty sure that I shouldn't attempt driving for a little while.

I consider myself to be web savvy. I'm a web designer after all and I've been hanging out in the ether since before it was called the Web. My first online experiences were in 1989 when I had a Q-Link account. $3.99 an hour... ouch!

I know that a blue, underlined word or phrase is a link, and that a the word Report (in blue and underlined) means that you can report an offense. Why then did I think that if I clicked it I would be taken to a list of reports made against someone? Have I ever known that to be the case? No. Why did I click it? Why should I even care? Now I feel like a creep.

I did what I could to fix the problem by sending an emergency email to the site's support department, confessing what I did. I didn't tell them that I have a concussion though; I didin't think think that I was a thinking-impaired creep. (See that last sentence??? That's what I'm talking about! I've been doing that a lot in the last couple of days!) Trying again: I didn't want them to think I was a thinking-impaired creep.

I feel better today, I slept well AND I showed the cat who's boss this morning. It's a good day. I've been working my sudoku puzzles to keep my thinking strong; not sure if it's working though.