Time Travel

Today (yesterday to you), without planning it, Nettl and I watched movies set in the 18th century. These included Barry Lyndon, Valmont, Affair Of The Necklace, and Amadeus.

As Mozart historians (which necessarily includes being knowledgeable about the 18th century), we see a lot of flaws in every movie whose story takes place 200 or so years ago. Face it, watching any of these movies with us would be no fun for anyone who doesn't share our love for historic authenticity...

Where that's concerned, the best of these movies is Barry Lyndon. The fashions, speech, social mores, and social dicta are spot on. As much as we love Amadeus, and recognize how large it looms in our "legend", it's just not right. I'm not talking about the story (which is completely off), I'm talking about the wigs and fashions, that cover about 40 years.

Look at it this way: suppose they were going to make a movie about you, and the people in your story were costumed in fashions from the Fifties all the way to today, during a week in 1995. Suppose that in one scene the actor portraying you was dressed like Cary Grant or Marilyn Monroe, and in the next scene Johnny Depp or Angelina Jolie. That's what watching Amadeus is like for usno fun for non-historians who might make the mistake of wanting to watch a period film with us.

We may watch a couple more tomorrow (today to you). We still have Moll Flanders and Last of the Mohicans.