Earworm & Variations

I know without a doubt that my muse is back and in full swing because my brain is composing variations again. Of course, it will grab any old tune without asking me first and, only after going through about four variations, I'll realize what's going on. I've composed variations on everything from Mozart to the theme from Gilligan's Island. I don't write most of them down, though. Today, my brian is composing variations on Percy Grainger's Country Gardens. I may commit this one to paper, actually. It's pretty good. No idea how that tune got into my head. I haven't heard it since Allen Sherman recorded it as Sweet Suburbia back when I was a kid.

For my non-musical friends:
Theme & Variations: In music, variation is a formal technique where a stated tune is altered during repetition. Here's an example. First, you'll hear the pianist play the theme, which will then be followed by variations that Mozart composed on it.

Anyway, this is how I know I'm a composer. It's relentless, and I love it.