The Count Down

With only 31 days remaining before we say goodbye to our home of five years, the hunt for a new one is stepping up. We haven't had the greatest luck, although this town is full of rentals. The problem is, most of those that are in our price range are either student tenements or white trash pigsties, and the houses that were nice have been snatched away from us for a variety of reasons...

We looked at two last evening. The first one had all the space we need and was the right price, but it was downright filthy from its foundation. The second one was in the neighborhood we really love, and was in good shape. It too had all we needed, but it felt so cramped that I couldn't wait to get back outside. Besides, the owner, an elderly man, lives across the street from the house and made it known that he did all the gardening, front and back. That means he'd be over all the time. I don't know about you, but I don't like living with a landlord.

Today at noon we're looking at a cute, yellow and white Craftsman cottage with a darling front porch and loads of charm. It has the number of rooms we need, but I fear they might be really tiny. We'll see. Right now, I just want the security of knowing that a house is secured and waiting for us to start moving in. This not knowing where we'll be sleeping by this time next month is making me crazy.