Sunday Linkage - 2/22/09

I think that on Sundays I'll post things I read on my favorite blogs that have impressed me for one reason or another. If you've never read some of these blogs, pay them a visit...

"Humor is the art of the unexpected. We take our listener down a linear path toward a logical conclusion and suddenly we swerve right to absurdity, or left to unreality, and that unexpected detour makes us laugh." Three Writers

"Every little boy's flight away from reality - I had it. Every little boy's anxious list, furtive looks up into the sky on Christmas Eve, checks on one's Ps and Qs. I engaged in it, and mastered it. I was at the Alamo. I was with Napoleon. I was with Ben Franklin. Davy Crockett was a personal friend of mine. My Christmases were so thick, so rich, so packed, real, so unforgettable - and all of it in my spinning little boy's head - it was a wonder I could function the rest of the year." 1 Step Beyond

"Anyway, between all the drinking, smoking, and debauchery that was going on, I DO believe that my liver could have been dangling outside my body and I wouldn't have felt it much." Slydes Blog

"You know, the last few chocolate chip cookies, in the freezer from the holidays, really should be eaten before they get stale." Life at Willow Manor

"For some reason, my fifth grade history teacher never taught the class about former British Prime Minister Bonar Law. Possibly because introducing a figure named Bonar Law would have had a more disruptive effect on the class than pulling the fire alarm." Rifftrax Blog

"One of the weirdest things I ever found was The Andrew Sisters version of "Rum and Coca-Cola" on Gia's iPod. It's actually a very cute and catchy Calypso tune, but something you don't expect to find. Normally. But whoever said Gia was normal. She digs me, after all. That ain't normal." The Verdant Dude

"I got tired walking in the Newark airport  I swear it must have been four miles from the gate to baggage claim. I had to sit down three times before I got to an area labeled "Customer Care." I figured that, since I was a customer, they could care." Flapdoodle

"I love cats. But I couldn't eat a whole one." Ruby Isabella Jones

"If a car costs you more than 60,000 dollars, by all means, talk to it, name itrecite lyric poetry to it. The little auto man spoke again "32 miles to, 143 Park Avenue, Manhattan" I almost swallowed my gum upon hearing the car's declaration. Park avenue?! I was broke. I couldn't even buy a cup of juice on Park Avenue without feeling the pinch." M.IV

"Because we live at a time where information is so massive and pervasive it can also be a very confusing time to sort out what is important and what is not. We need to be editors of that information in order to handle it intelligently." The Pink Cowboy

"I’m a shit magnet. Everything sticks and I can’t let it go. Something I did wrong twenty years ago. Something I saw today that made someone angry. People going out of their way to insult someone. The fact that I could never seem to get away with what others get away with. If I screw up I eat myself up like crazy over it; suffer guilt pangs about it years down the road. A mind like a steel trap, but only for the bad things." Tourette's Cat

"I went to see another Doctor today to get my blood pressure checked. When I left I found that one of my gloves was missing. I went back to the Doctor’s office and they looked everywhere for itincluding in the Doctor’s room where I had been having tests. We eventually found it under my beaniewhich I was wearing (groan!). Is there no end to this humiliation." Vienna for Dummies

Happy Sunday!


  1. Hey, this is a very informative and interesting thing you started here. I like it!

  2. What a great idea!

    NYC Watchdog (another blogger I read) does this occasionally on Sundays as well. I'm always honored to make an appearance. Thanks!

  3. This is a great idea Steph! It's like reporting on the state of your blog circles--Brilliant.

  4. It's really no big deal, guys. A lot of people do it. But thanks anyway! I read so much good stuff throughout the week and I just want to share.

    Clay: LOOOOVE your new profile avatar!

  5. This is a great idea Steph! It's like reporting on the state of your blog circles--Brilliant.


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