Notes to Self

Dear SK,

Remember that today the garage is coming out to take the van in to be fixed. Although you remembered to take the 26 garbage bags of Lauren's high school clothes out of the van last night, the box holding the Christmas tree is still on top. You will need help getting it down, or else you'll probably split a spleen. And you only have one...

Remember that the pickup will have to be moved from the driveway before the garage dude can get to the van. Also remember that the power steering is out and moving it will require you quickly develop arms like Popeye.

You have urgent update work to do on that one website. You must get that done before you go back to the other one that you've been working on the last couple of weeks. You'll really need to shake the cob webs from your brain first, though, because although the work is easy, it always gives you brain pretzels. Perhaps some beer would serve you well.

Never watch movies at three in the morning in which Adrien Brody plays a psychopathic killer who is obsessed with Houdini and seems to enjoy burying people and dogs alive. Watching these will give you some really weird dreams. Especially after eating bratwurst and sauerkraut for dinner.

Don't forget to thank whoever made the coffee this morning. That really made you happy when you stumbled down to the kitchen.