Something New

No, I'm not crushing your sun, that is the joy of daylight. This morning I awoke to sunshine both inside and out: no migraine and no cloudy sky. If the weather gadget on my desktop didn't tell me that it's 39° outside, I'd swear it's a summer morning and I'd be heading out to my hammock.

We have decided not to renew our lease on this house. Lynette told the landlord that we just can't afford it, and he keeps raising the rent on us. It's ridiculous. Besides, it's way too much house for me to take care of. I'm tired of feeling inadequate because I can't keep nearly 3000 square feet clean.

Hopefully, things will go our way and we'll be able to move back to Ventura, but if not, that's okay. There are plenty of great houses here that would accommodate our needs and leave us some money to live on after rent and utilities are paid (for a change). Although I'm sad to leave a place that has become home, and holds so many memories (and I double-dog-dread the idea of moving), I'm ready for something new. But right now, that "something new" is a head free of pain and a sky full of sun.