Armchair Circumnavigator: What Is It?

Google Earthlings have located some pretty unexpected things during their flights around the planet. From a woman nude sunbathing in the Netherlands to the possible location of Atlantis, these satellite images are interesting, even if they bring up the controversy of The Eye In The Sky. Here are some things that are hard to explain if you don't know what they are (be sure to enlarge the images). Links take you to the explanations of what these formations are, if any exist.

Egyptian Desert Spiral
27°22'48.49"N 33°37'57.52"E

Red Star
53°51'00.30"N 1°58'15.23W

Phoenix Triangles
33°44'47.51"N 112°37'32.79"W

Ocean Grid - Atlantis?
30°45'06.47"N 25°50'54.10"W

Mountain Maze
40°26'55/97"N 93°23'24.62"E

Hill Spiral
36°24'23.78"S 174°43'33.78E

Giant Toothpick
31°10'04.51"N 7°58'22.89"E

30°30'40.21S 115°22'51.32E


  1. You have read my mind!

    Ever since "Atlantis" was discovered (sonic boat trails my ass!), I have been meaning to do a search for other cool things to see on Google Earth, but I'm easily sidetracked.

    Now you have gone and done it for me. Thanks!

  2. The one that intrigues me the most is the ocean grid! Wow!

  3. Google Earth executives claim that the "Atlantis" grid is a "glitch". Do you suppose they're trying to keep something from us?

  4. What an intriguing set of images...

  5. I'm interested in the toothpick image..very intriguing!

  6. the atlantis sighting is from sonar mapping by ships.
    its far to large to be a city.

    I love the 'nautaloid'.

  7. Earl, Willow, Lynette: Plato said that Atlantis was constructed in concentric rings, so although the grid may not be Atlantis (when you look at it in relation to the coastline, the "streets" would have to be miles apart from each other), I think it's something.

    Clay: Yeah, that thing has me puzzled too. It looks like rock. But... what???

    GeoJoe: Precisely.

  8. The UFO too, is cool. That one has even the experts perplexed.

  9. The UFO too, is cool. That one has even the experts perplexed.

  10. These are really cool. Thanks)

  11. What an intriguing set of images...


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