'Tis the Last Grill of Summer

In our case it was the first as well as the last. Why? I usually grill a few times during a summer. Maybe it was the 40 days and 40 nights of rain. Maybe it was the triple digit heat. Maybe it was the mosquitoes. Maybe it was because I don't have a Cadillac grill. Most likely it was all of these. But this afternoon was a beer on the patio, burgers on the grill kind of affair and armed with a Bud and some Bug Out, I set about making the largest burgers you can imagine. I also had baked beans, potato salad and chips and dip.

We were going to have a watermelon seed spitting contest, but that's going to have to wait until tomorrow evening. Besides it being too damed hot, we all ran out of oomph as digestion set in. I took an hour-long nap on the sofa and when I woke up, all I wanted to do was come upstairs, put on my night clothes and kick back in front of the telly.

So here I am. Fat and indolent. I'd say it was a successful holiday.


  1. Holy smoke! Did you use damp newspaper for that special effect? *chuckle*
    Sadly, cooking our Thanksgiving turkey in the Weberkugel is all we do here in Vienna (to great effect, as far as neighboorhood relations are concerned *g*).
    Reminder: Pack a case of (Trader Joe's) BBQ sauce when moving. Mesquite chips, too. :-)

  2. Weberkugel. I like that! Thanks for the tip about Trader Joe's.

  3. I rather enjoyed our indolent Labor Day. Heather and I spent the entire day watching an "America's Next Top Model" marathon together. We holed up in the girls' room all day and had a great time watching a group of rather vapid, shallow, back-stabbing bitches go after each other's throats to become "Top Model". Actually, though, the girl who won wasn't bad at all. She was a rather nice girl, in fact.

  4. I hate it that stores only sell seedless watermelon. That's half the fun!

  5. We grilled rib-eye on Saturday, and trhen Beau brined a big ol honking pork roast and slow cooked it all day Sunday.
    Damn, so yummy!

  6. Did a barbescrew on our friends' verandahyesterday. I made a nifty potato salad that I decorated 50s style by making a "flower" out of potato slices, chopped egg, and chopped gerkhins. Boy, those colors are just so very pretty.

    Yesterday was okay, but not really a holiday type day. I went to the Super H market and came home to portion and freeze meat, and roast veggies all afternoon. Would rather have had hamburgers.

  7. I actually found both seeded and seedless melons at the store. I was surprised!

  8. When I first moved here, I overheard somebody talking about the "Weberkugel". Rats, I thought, another company that is imitating Mirabell's classic (owned by Krafts now, btw). Well, ever since I realized what they were really talking about, I have this phantasy of a Weber-size giant Mozartkugel knocking on my door (first notes of Beethoven's 5th, upon opening the door, the tune changes to "Eine kleine Nachtmusik", I faint).


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