RW is My Hero

Today, my buddy RW posted an entry that says it all for me. I couldn't possibly say it any better. But then, he's articulate in a way that makes me wish I could study with him.

"Welcome to the face of modern America as we present it to the world; Mechanical dicks, inflated tits, chemical courage, angry music, reduced attention spans, worship for the lowest common denominator, and virtually no sense of proportion or history when trying to decide the importance of one event to the other. And why not - in a society where the lies come from the top down, the values come from the bottom up, musicians from the coasts kill one another and rich little talentless tattooed runts have a pissing contest in public and this is big news - why should we expect better?"
Please leave your comments on his blog. He deserves all the credit.

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  1. I think Oscar said that "America is the only country that went from barbarism to decadence without any civilization in between."


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