Reclining Thoughts

Hoo boy, is a chair like that is beginning to look good to me! I've always resisted the purchasing of any kind of reclining chair, but something happens as we get older--we not only change our minds about what were at one time important matters, we add the disclaimer, "I don't care what I believed back then. I want one, damn it!"

Look at that sexy thing. Places for the remotes, book, pens, and a cold drink. Padded arms, back, and legs, and WHAMMO! a table for my laptop! Awesome! I'll never get one, you know, but I can look.

  • I sat up last night watching the Pope's Mass at Stephansdom (it began at 4 am our time), mostly because it was aired live from Vienna and because the music was a Mass by F. J. Haydn.
  • We slept with Radio Stephansdom on and I actually dreamed in German. I did that during both of my stays in Vienna, and Nettl told me that during the last one I spoke in German in my sleep. My German is basically nothing but nouns--I have a large vocabulary--but I'm not very good at stringing them together with verbs and adjectives. I know just enough conversational German to get myself in trouble. But we're determined to learn Viennese, not Hoch Deutsch.
  • There are things I should be doing--cleaning the Beta's tank, doing my laundry, getting something to eat--but here I sit.
  • My wireless mouse went kaput this morning. Now I'm having to use the touch pad. I'm too lazy even for that.
  • Today I am an armchair traveler. It's the Travel Channel that has my attention. I woke up in Vienna, I am presently in Italy, and I will be taken to Sweden in a few minutes. Looked at this way, I've been pretty busy today. Maybe I'm not so lazy after all...
  • Okay, I really have to go get something to eat. My stomach feels as if it's turning inside-out.


  1. This cracks me up. I miss random weirds like this!

  2. I'm seriously digging that chair. Does it come in red, do you think?

  3. You probably wouldn't like coming to Quaker meeting with me on Sundays... there is NO singing.

  4. The chair looks like an airplane chair. I could imagine sitting in it and taking flights of fancy.


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