The Line Forms Behind Me

So is everyone ready to form a paddle line and force Hung through it? If his attitudes toward Coloradans ("What do they eat? Baked beans, baked beans and more baked beans!?") and cooking wild game weren't enough to make me want to smack him, his lying to the judges about how much he enjoyed cooking the elk certainly was. I wanted him to get booted so badly! But he's going on to the finale, along with Casey and Chicken Head Dale.

What? Dale??

When he got his first win at the 11th hour, I think he was as shocked as everyone else was. I like Dale -- he's a sweet guy -- but I think Casey will win. God help us all if Hung wins. Except that it would really toast Marcel's ass (his buddy from last season).

What about that quickfire round? Tell me, what's so freaking difficult about frying fresh trout in a cast iron skillet? Sometimes I think chefs are so wrapped up in the art of food preparation that they can't cook for beans. I speak from experience. My brother is a chef -- a head chef to be exact -- who's been in the business for over 40 years. But put him in the kitchen to make something simple and things start getting out of hand. And he uses every pan and bowl in the house, too.

I'm almost glad that this season of Top Chef will be over by this time next week. Except that I'll miss Anthony Bourdain's weekly commentary about the show. By the way, where is his entry for this week, anyway?

P.S. Is there a reason I don't know about why they kept calling the fresh water trout they prepared right there on a riverbank in the Colorado Rockies "sea food"?


  1. I think Mrs RW voted 10 times last night to "least favorite" (as a verb) Hung.

    I should root for the hometown boy (Dale) except I honestly never heard of the restaurants he's got listed in his credits.

    And Casey looks like somebody I've seen before. Can someone please tell me where we've seen Casey before??

    Oh btw, ELK - highly recommended, especially with the different berries and berry-based sauces they were flinging around.

    Question; if I were participating in a cooking challenge and sent to Viet Nam to cook for the locals and I said "What do they eat? Rice and bugs, rice and bugs, rice and bugs?" - would I be labeld a racist?

    Three choices, first two don't count...

  2. Show me an successful, honest, kind, nice chef and I'll show you a three dollar bill.

  3. Having lived in Montana for three years, I've cooked quite a bit of game meat such as elk, antelope, and deer. I'm not much a a person for game meat, but seasoned correctly, it can be quite tasty. I especially enjoy ground antelope in chili. In fact, I rather prefer antelope meat in chili to beef. It seems to stand up to the powerful seasonings better.

  4. My problem last night was that in the paper it said Season Finale and they kept saying Finale and I'm so ready for it to be over. Hung is so full of himself that I can't stand to watch him. I vote for Casey at this point.

  5. RW: Only if you pronounced it, "Lice and bug, lice and bug, lice and bug!"

    PSM: Amen to that. Although I've heard that Julia Child was nice. If that's true, she's the exception to the rule.

    Lynette: At the Old Vienna restaurant they served venison in a way that I really liked, but before then I didn't like it.

    CRB-J: Yeah, that confused me, too!

  6. I have had, and have blogged about, elk, antelope, ostrich, kangaroo and quail. Also buffalo but I did not like that as it was over-the-top gamey, maybe preparation problem.

    Kangaroo is great in a barbecue sauce and ostrich is like a completely fatless steak. In fact what is really great about eating bambi is the low fat content.

  7. Lynette's elk chili sounds wonderful!

  8. Yeah, there wasn't anybody this season that I got behind the way I could get behind the folks on season 2. (I liked CJ, but he seemed ever so slightly two-faced.)

    I want Hung to win, just because he made that awesome cereal village.


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