Wearing Bibs Like a Boss

Rocking the bibs
No one ever did (and no one ever will) rock a pair of denim bibs the way George Harrison did. Beatle fan that I was, I'd never even paid him much notice until he struck out on his Dark Horse Tour wearing these much-embellished overalls. I liked them so much, in fact, I went out and got a pair for myself and dutifully embroidered a red OM on the front pocket...

In those days I was quite involved in meditation, Tai Chi Ch'uan, Yoga, and a macrobiotic diet, so George and his focus on all things spiritual really grabbed my attention. His bibs didn't hurt, I must hasten to add. I'd never noticed what a sexy beast he was.

Going Om, going Om...
Bibs aren't altogether practical for women, however. They demand that we almost completely disrobe every time the coffee or tea reach our nether regions. It was worth it, though, to look so cool. Well, I thought I lookedI hoped I lookedcool. You can be the judge.

Anyway, I want a pair again, but not until after the holidays and I've taken off about 15 pounds. I'll never have the whisper-thin figure I had when I was 25, but in all good conscience I won't don a pair of bibs unless I can do at least a little justice to George, who obviously wore them like a boss.