Until That Time Comes

Was it really like this back then?
Let me get this right out in the open. I strongly dislike shopping. What's more, I especially dislike Christmas shopping. Especially strongly dislike. But there is that one day every December when I enjoy it. It has to be accompanied by some strong incentive, however...

The best incentive Lynette can lay before me is the promise of lunch or dinner out, a cappuccino, or a stop by the wine shop on the way home. All three work miracles on my attitude. This afternoon, I have been promised the first two of the three, which doesn't mean I won't take the responsibility for the third.

We let go of the All-American Christmas frenzy several years ago. We don't put anything on credit cards; we do a great deal of our shopping online using our debit cards. There's nothing worse than starting out a new year in debt when you live paycheck-to-paycheck. We also pared down our spending. Everyone gets two things each from us, plus inexpensive stocking stuffers. We've found that when the focus is on being together and having a jolly good time of it, the material crap just isn't all that important. I'm not trying to sound noble or lofty here, it's just the way it is. On the other hand, I don't begrudge anyone spending loads of money on presents for the people they love. Someday, I want to do that, but until that time comes, if it comes, I'm perfectly content and grateful.

Happy shopping, everyone. Remember to take time to smile at people and be nice to them!