Weekend Rundown

Okay, I agree with Lynette's last comment. That Fat Bastard entry has to be moved down. Even I found myself avoiding coming here because of it.

You might not see me around here much until after the weekend. This evening Lauren is coming home for a few days and tomorrow night we're hosting, not a fiesta as the new picture implies, but a going away party for her and Dr. Kielbasa. She will be spending a year in Bordeaux and he, as you might recall, earned a Fulbright and will be doing a professor gig at Wroclaw University in Poland for a year. We're going to miss them both, and we thought that Mexican will be the food they'll miss most. I don't know what they eat in Mexico when they get tired of their own cuisine...

The party is actually a Mexican potluck, and we're expecting about a dozen people. Maybe more. Our friends have never been great at the RSVP thing, or at letting me know what they're bringing. We'll probably end up with a dozen bags of chips and a dozen different salsas.

In other news, Matt will probably finish his walk across the United States this weekend, so I have to keep up with that. I've been tagging along since he entered Minnesota. His adventure has compelled me so much that I actually dreamed about him last night. He was in some campground and I took him a congratulations card. Hot air balloons were in the dream as well, but I don't remember how.

Well, I'm busy today. Good day for it too, because it's only 80 degrees out there, a 25-degree difference from last week at this time. I can deal.