Morning Glory Dreams

Remember this picture of our back fence at the other house? No, probably not. I started those Morning Glories from seeds, and for a first crop I think they did rather well. That's what I'm trying to re-create here at Bookends Cottage. Last spring I planted five or six packets of seeds and carefully watered them. The soil here is so much better than that red clay we had at the other house. It's rich and loamy from 80 years of gardening, and needs no feeding...

The plants grew quickly, surrounding the entire south and west sides of the front porch. They're now sprouting beautiful blue and purple blossoms, but not in the abundance that I'm hoping for. Ants have bitten holes in the leaves, leaving them looking like lace or filigree, but still they grow.

It's a bit early for the full bloom here in Oklahoma, which usually happens late August to mid-September. Sadly, I'll only get a few weeks of enjoyment before the frost sets in. Then they'll drop their seeds everywhere and die. Still, it's worth it because next year the crop will be even larger and I'll be ready for the ants.