It Was Awesome!

Heather chows down on a taco
Heather chows a taco.
Our going away party for Lauren and Dr. Kielbasa was a huge success. There were tons of incredible food, gallons of wine, and lots of laughs and conversation. It's funny how parties change as we gain more maturity get older.

When we were younger, a party was all about how blitzed everyone got, who fell down first, and who woke up in the bath tub with whom. Now it's more about friends just being together for an evening. And I really needed this party. Our circle of friends has been experiencing a few growing pains lately, as all families (chosen or natural) do. So thanks to everyone who made it such a great evening. And thanks for all the food. Everything about it was terrific!

This week I will finish With A Dream. Well, the story, that is, then begins the task of reading it from the top to flesh it out, delete, and clean it up. I have one more chapter to writethe penultimate chapterand then I can actually begin to think about this being a done deal. I'm diving in today, just as soon as I have a second cup of coffee in me.