Just When You Thought You'd Seen it All

Apparently, British TV in the Fifties wasn't much better than ours here in the States. Many thanks to Liz Ringrose for the link to this.

And I'm not apologizing for my silliness the last two days.


  1. Are you sure it wasn't the Jackson 7 instead of 5? These guys certainly move and look like the Jacksons!!!

  2. I loved Bill and Ben the Flowerpot Men when I was a kid. Ask anyone my age about Bill and Ben and they'll probably say "flob-a-lob-a-lob" - that's how they talked.
    Kids these days, they don't know what they missed!

  3. *smile*

    Not all was bad.
    Remember Gumby?
    Created in the Fifties.
    I loved the reruns (remember Gumby as spokesperson for the Library of Congress?).

  4. I'd never heard of Bill and Ben until I saw this video. I feel shortchanged somehow...

    Yeah, we had Gumby. And do you remember Davy & Goliath?

    What's fun about the TV of the 50s is that everything was fun because everything was new and experimental.

  5. Davy & Goliath?
    Don't remember.

    I grew about without TV, my parents would rather have us play outside or read.

    I remember Gumby from the reruns and a few new series in the Nineties, and watching with my own kids. They love Gumby too. I wanted to buy a figure or two recently, but could not find any here.


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