Because I Need to Laugh

Things have been kind of heavy for me lately, and I just needed to laugh. When I thought about who makes me laugh harder than anyone, there was only one person who came to mind: the gifted Wayne Brady.

Here are some of the funniest songs from Whose Line Is It Anyway (the US version). For the two or three of you who have never seen the show, these songs are totally improvised on the spot (that's redundant, isn't it), and Wayne is the very best at the art. Besides, he's so damned cute I just want to hug him. Wish he'd marry one of our daughters. I'd love to have him as a son-in-law and give us lots of little Waynes to huggle, the rascal!


  1. Wayne Brady had never been my cup of tea, but a few years back he guest starred on an episode of The Chappelle Show poking fun at his own innocent image and he was hilarious.

    Also, there was an episode of "Whose Line..." where he picked up a woman in the audience and carried her over his shoulder as part of the gag. Her skirt rode up over her back showing most of her ass and a nice small pair of panties. He (and she) were a bit mortified, but Drew and the rest of the gang couldn't get over it for the rest of the show. They laughed harder than I've ever seen anyone laugh. Drew was hiding behind his desk he was laughing so hard.

    I'm going to have to go looking for that video again. :)

  2. I never watched an episode of "Whose Line..." but I do remember Wayne Brady from The Chappelle Show.

    This was pretty funny :)

  3. Man, that's a funny show. I've always loved it.

  4. I love Wayne. It's amazing how he can come up with the lyrics to the nonsense songs and dance at the same time. I especially like it when he's with Chip Estin, Brad Sherwood or Jeff Davis and they sing duets. Very clever.

    The best of all with Wayne is when he embarrasses himself. There was the incident that B.E.E. mentioned, which was pretty funny, but I like the lunch lady one, too and others.

    I'm sorry, but I just have to mention "Freud and Jung". I would imagine there are quite a few comments on the YouTube page about it.


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