Not-So-Still Life with Cat

"You haven't forgotten that 5:00 is coming, have you?"

"Yeah, that's what I wait for every day!"

"Is it ready yet?"

"Thank you, but I'm trying to dine."

"Would you please just leave me alone?"


  1. LOL my cat acts like this, except her 5:00 is 5:00AM.....*sigh* LOL

  2. Oh, we have mornings too, but at that time every day, Lynette is the can opener.

  3. You've captured it perfectly. LOL!

  4. A tradition has evolved at our house that the cats get kitty treats at 5:30 p.m. At about 5:15 Doris starts staring at Jim, trying to guilt him into giving them early. That's how it evolved, though. Originally they got their goodies after we had dinner, at about 7pm. Doris guilted Jim into giving them just a bit earlier over the years.

    I like your kitty.

  5. I've heard that people don't own cats - cats own their people. My pet experience was with a dog and a horse.

    Cute photos - what a pretty kitty!

  6. Oh I thought that it was a hell to wake up at 6 for my cat, but 5 is worse. Lilit can shout so loud that she doesn't accept not as an answer.

  7. I wanted to comment what Steph had already said: Cats have staff!


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