The Beatles on 09.09.09

Hell yes I want the box set of digitally remastered Beatles albums that was released today. 17 disks! Their complete catalog! And everyone says they sound incredible. As a Beatle peatle since the band first hit the music scene and, as someone who was at Dodger Stadium in August 1966 to see them in person, I think I deserve this set, in fact. But these days, $260 is two weeks of groceries. It doesn't even help that Amazon has the set for $179.

Damn. Just damn.


  1. That would SO be your birthday present if I could afford to get it for you! :-((((

  2. I second that.Reminds me of the box set of something else I was going to get you for your B-day last year but that thing happened to my account.

  3. I know what you mean - I've seen such great prices on vacant land in Colorado, Oregon, and other staets out West - things like 10 acres for $2500 - but I can't take adavantage of the prices right now. It's frustrating, isn't it?

  4. Lynette & HJ: It's okay. I didn't mean to make you feel bad! I'm just as happy sitting on the front porch with you, drinking a box of wine!

    Kathy: That really sucks. What an incredible price!

  5. How much of all this new Beatles money goes to Michael Jackson's estate?

  6. B. E. Earl asked about how much would go to Michael Jackson's estate. It's unclear. Jackson had half interest in the publishing rights of 200 Beatle songs, but there's a question as to who owns them now. Jackson said that he wanted the rights to revert back to the Beatles. Over the years he has used half of the catalog as collateral on a loan and sold the right to purchase the rest to Sony. IOW, probably none will go to Jackson's estate in the end.


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