On the Cusp of Night and Day

Here it is 5:15 in the morning and I'm still awake. Getting my body used to new meds does this to me. I don't mind tonight, though. Because I've worked so hard the last two days, I'd already planned to take it easy today. This means that I'll catnap through the day and come out none the worse by evening...

I've been watching the 1976 BBC 13-part miniseries, I, Claudius for the past 9 or so hours, a production I never grow tired of. Patrick Stewart appearing as Sejanus and Charles Kay as Gallus is always fun, and John Hurt's performance as Caligula is brilliant, but it's Derek Jacobi, as Claudius, who is most compelling.

I just finished disk 3 and I have two more to go. I remember when I first watched this series back in 1983. It was broadcast on PBS and a couple of friends were at my house. We got so hooked on it, they came over every Sunday night for the next 12 weeks to watch it. That was a lot of fun; all the kibbitzing and joking about.

I got a lot done on the house yesterday. All of the antique plates are on the walls now, more pictures have appeared throughout the house, and I put up my various Baroque-style bracket shelves. I also unloaded dishes, bowls, and coffee cups, then I made dinner and cleaned the kitchen.

Why the heck am I still up? I should be exhausted.