Unprotected Text

If this isn't the height of ridiculous I don't know what is.

It seems that 62% of London has suffered injuries running into lamp posts, bins and other pedestrians due to texting on their cell phones while walking. The brilliant solution? Let's put big white pads on the lamps. What's next? People, trees and pedestrians? What the flippin' f**k? How about a little self-accountability, people? I don't even know what to say about this, but I think this commenter was spot-on:

"One has to think that a better approach would
be to put sharp spikes on the posts."

John Miller, Foster City, California, USA


  1. I think that people who want to protect themselves qhile texting should be required to wear those padded sumo wrestling suits. Can't you just see it?

    There's also the thought that they should paint a line on the sidewalk for people to follow in order to avoid obstacles. Doesn't that just scream out for a practical joker to start painting lines which would direct them straight into lampposts? Oh, I am evil!!! LOL

  2. I think it's all part of the general dumbing-down of the human race. Common sense certainly isn't common anymore. I see people on the road, typing text messages while driving. Sheesh! Why don't they just put the car on cruise control, climb into the back seat, pull our their laptops and surf the web while they're at it?!

    The human species seems to be losing intelligence, instead of gaining it. Maybe there's a hidden chip in every electronic thing we buy that is secretly sucking out our brain cells so that eventually the general population will be reduced to mere automatons and can be programmed to serve the wealthy and powerful elite.

    I think I've been reading too many science fiction novels! haha

  3. They've considered that! LOL

    "Other suggestions included “mobile motorways”, like cycle lanes, giving people a brightly coloured line to follow to stay out of danger."


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