My Guilty Pleasure - Top Chef

The new season started last night and this time the setting is Chicago, which is well known for its prowess in the world of food.

This post isn't going to be a critique, because RW at 1 Step Beyond, who lives in Chicago, is doing a better job and is much more qualified than I in that department. I want to talk this morning about some of my first impressions of this season's crop of contestants...

Favorite: Richard the Chicken-headed boy. He seems to know his stuff, plus he's unassuming, hardworking and polite, not to mention professional. Not an attitudious ass like my...

Least Favorite: Andrew. Besides the fact that he's a jerk and drops the F bomb too much, he looks too much like Van Gogh at his worst to make me want to be "treated" to him for an entire season. But I know how these things go. The producers always keeps the one we love to hate. Remember Marcel? Remember Hung?

Most Beautiful: This was Nimma, but she was the first to be sent home. And why? Her shrimp was too salty. She was sent home for a salt issue? Good grief, girl, that's "Mommie's teaching me how to cook and I'm 10 years old" stuff. How can a culinary graduate be eliminated for using too much salt? She was gorgeous, though.

Afraid to Like: Mark, because he seems nice, but he reminds me of those people who start out all right and then show their true colors later.

Oops, I Think I spot the Weeper: I like Erik. I think he could be our new Dave, if he promises never to make a nacho soufflé again.

Next to Go: Ryan.

Who Surprised Me Most: Stephanie. After seeing her pizza in the Quickfire Challenge, I was stunned by her winning duck a l’orange.

I think this will be an interesting season.