Still a Californian After All

I'm watching the Storm Tracker news on channel 4. I watch as a tornado touches down, destroying a barn and a group of trees. In the space of a minute it covers a full mile as I start wondering if I should get my shoes ready to put on in case the sirens go off. Downstairs, Nettl is in the midst of an animated and jovial conversation with her ex and his fianceƩ, as well as Heather and Nathan. I go downstairs...

Me: "There's a series of tornadoes just west of us that are—"
Dan: "Hi Steph! Have you met Rhonda?" (Polite introductions ensue.)
Me: "Anyway, an F2 touched down in Carelton and it's heading this—"
Dan: "How's your back?"
Me: "It's okay, not so great today. This storm is due to hit Stillwater within the next 45 minutes or so and it's already generated three or four tornadoes—"
Dan: "Man, it's hot one day, tornadoes the next, and snow tomorrow. Crazy weather."
Me: "Yeah. We're under a tornado watch now and it doesn't look—"
Dan: "What's the status of your book?" (Update ensues, after which I give up and come back upstairs.)

Guess I'll never be a real Okie.