Ma Non Troppo

Hey! I think I smoked pot with them! Of course, we didn't inhale...

I can't believe that it's Friday already. I don't know why, but the weeks are going by faster and faster around here...

Tomorrow evening, Lynette will be singing in a concert with the Stillwater Chamber Singers in the city. They'll be performing the Pergolesi Stabat Mater (she has the solo), as well as pieces by Bach and Buxtehude. We're going with Maestro Lawlor and his wife and after the concert we'll be having a late dinner with them. The concert will be repeated here in Stillwater on Sunday afternoon.

Tonight is Monty's Friday Night Live radio show. Last week I had a great time in the chat room and I'm looking forward to joining in the fun tonight. I don't know what her theme is this week (last week it was "Hendrix-a-Palooza"), but check it out if you're hanging around with nothing to do.

Where did Aunt Robin go? :(

Okay. I'm officially sick of winter now. I want it to get warmer. I want to set up the patio and blog from there on warm nights while listening to music and sipping Corona with a wedge of lime in the glass. I want to put away the slippers, sweaters and fleece blankets until autumn. I want the heater to turn off and I want to quit having nosebleeds. I also want to lounge on the beach all day, but that's not going to happen since the nearest beach is 500 miles away.

I've been dreaming a lot lately. I don't mean nonsense "run-off" dreams, either. I mean deep, meaningful dreams, full of easy-to-analyze images. There have been a few nightmares too, which isn't like me. Those are just anxiety dreams, although I don't know what it is I'm anxious about; things are going really well so far this year. In fact, this has been the nicest one I've experienced in about, well, most of my adult life! It isn't easy being me, always worrying about something, even when I'm not!

Life has been so much easier since I gave the fish to Pete and Charity. By the way, Charity, who is one of Lynette's private voice pupils, gave birth to their first child, Joey, on Monday evening. Congrats!

Why does the font in the posts look "thin" in IE7, but looks great in Firefox? No matter what font I use it still looks bad. Oh well. Your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to download Firefox. It'll not only make my site many sites look better, it'll also save your hard drive from a host of creepy crawlers that IE plants there.

Here's a question for you:
If you could take a pill that would enable
you to master one thing, what would it be?

Have a great Friday, everyone!